Write Mondays

Writing Workshops for Middle and High School Students in Central Vermont

Write Mondays offers writing workshops for middle and high school students in Central Vermont. We believe in nurturing young writers at every level and challenging students to explore the myriad of writing choices available to them. Kid-centered workshops led by master teachers provide a supportive community where generating, sharing, and critiquing work happens at the group level. But most of all, Write Mondays is about fostering creative expression and translating it onto the page. Workshops are held at Local 64 in Montpelier, VT. 

Write Mondays Fall Schedule


The Write Mondays fall workshop

 schedule is ready for prime time.

Here’s what we’ll be doing over the

next 8 weeks:



Week 1—October 1

How to Tell a Lie

The secrets to a great story.


Week 2—October 8

Flash Fiction

Why waste words? Tell it all in 500 words or less.


Week 3—October 15

Beat the Deadline

2 hours to get the scoop—and get it down on paper. Go!


Week 4—October 22

Screenwriting is Scene Writing

Write a scene from your favorite TV series.


Week 5—October 29

Poetry with the Pros

A special session with guest poet and editor April Ossmann.


Week 6—November 5


An exercise in imaginative character building.


Week 7—November 12

Polish and Publish

Tuning up text to get ready for print.


Week 8—November 19

It’s Showtime!

A night of live reading for family and friends.